Ghostly Talk Radio

CFR Presents from their archives the Ghostly Talk Radio show used by permission!
Ghostly Talk was a weekly paranormal talk show that started broadcasting in February of 2002. The show ended its broadcast run on October 18th, 2009.

Colorado Free Radio Presents – Ghostly Talk Radio -The Afterlife- 3/26/2002

Colorado Free Radio with host Johnny G Note presents Ghostly Talk Radio ep2 “The Afterlife” featuring hosts Scott L and Doug. Join them as they discuss the existence of life after death and near death experience.  Ghostly Talk Radio aired from…

Colorado Free Radio Presents – Ghostly Talk Radio -Psychological Effects of Paranormal Activity 5/19/02 –

Colorado Free Radio presents Ghostly Talk Radio ep1 Psychological Effects of Paranormal Activity  featuring Doug and Scott L.  This is the first installment of GTR podcasts used by permission. Ghostly Talk Radio aired from February of 2002 and ended it’s…

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