Colorado Free Radio Talk Show 2

Free D People talks about the events of the day and much more. Music you won’t hear on the standard radio and opinions that few dare to express these days. This is the second installment of Colorado Free Radio Talk Show. Free talks about the weather back east and ice storms. The term Global Warming comes under fire and it’s use confusing he issue of Global Climate Change. Free also talks about Condalisa Rice.


Intro: I Dubya Dictator – Elephant Angel

          My Country Too – Dan Bern

          Don’t Learn War – Guy Michetti

          The Law is for Protection of the People – Kris Kristofferson

          Smokin Gun – Jim Cuddy

          Your Bloody Hands – Flying Heroes

          Good Christian Soldier – Kris Kristofferson

Outro: I Dubya Dictator – Elephant Angel

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